For clients that want to come over to Portugal and try horses we offer a horse tour.

Before coming to Portugal you will narrow down your selection with our help. Then, depending on how many days you are in Portugal, we will look at horses everyday while also giving one day to re-try the horses you liked. We take care of organizing the whole tour.

Our Horse Tour services include:

  • Scheduling horse trials
  • Picking up at the Airport
  • Booking of hotels and restaurants
  • Video service of you riding/YouTube link, which allows you to review the horses again on your own time
  • By request: visits to equestrian events, tack stores and tourist attractions.

To be able to successfully organize your trip, we ask you to let us know the horses you have selected at least 10 days before coming so that we can call every owner to make sure they are available to present the horses you have selected. We will then deliver the details of your Horse Tour program. We will let you know how much the accommodation costs because we ask clients to pay for it before coming so that we can book it.

Fees of Horse Tour sent upon request.