Choosing Your Horse

We like to encourage our buyers to actually see and ride any horse they are interested in. The majority of the horses we source are not openly advertised and are based with reputable and trusted breeders of top class horses. By utilizing our services, our clients get access to a superior caliber of horse before they reach the open market. We can be found scouting at stud farms and liveries every week allowing us to see the best Lusitano horses out in the fields, in training and in the environment they are intended for

We sell worldwide and have an expanding client base from Canada, USA, South America, Australia, and South Africa who purchase without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. If you have the time and decide to come and try a horse, or a selection of horses, we will collect you from the airport and organize all viewings and accommodation for your stay. Import requirements of different countries are very complex. In order to ensure a smooth transport we arrange the whole transport process for you.


-We take horses in for selling on a private basis.
-We run a part to full Dressage/WE livery yard.
-We take horses in for re-training or schooling livery.

Contact us and explain what you are looking for and we will find horses for you to view that fit your criteria. We have an extensive list of Lusitano horses/mares at various price ranges.

We take horses in for selling on a private basis.

We run a part to full Dressage/Working Equitation livery yard

We take horses in for re-training or schooling livery


Buying Unseen

Many of our clients might not have the budget or the time to come over to Portugal to try horses. That is why Lusitano Horse Search offers clients the option of buying horses unseen. Actually over a third of the horses that we have sold have been purchased unseen and untried. If a client can’t make it out to Portugal we work with them to find exactly what they are looking for through detailed explanations from them, going through sales videos together, and analyzing videos of them riding. Once we have deciphered what they are really looking for we narrow down the list of horses.

Through these methods we have been able to match up clients to the horses they are exactly looking for.


Our Selection of Lusitano Horses

When making our selection of Lusitano horses in Portugal, we work with local breeders, trainers, riders and private owners.  Both leading ones, and lesser known ones.

When you work with us, you will always be buying your horse straight from the seller, with no other middlemen in between. (This can otherwise often be the case in Portugal.)

Microchipped and With All Papers in Order

Any horse we show you is always a 100% purebred lusitano horse. The breed is also known as Iberian Horse is actually a general term, and can refer to either a purebred lusitano horse, or to something else…

Within the breed, there are various bloodlines with different characteristics. We can inform you about such bloodlines, if this is important to you. We can also help you find horses of any particular bloodline you are looking for.

The horses we work with are, without exception, microchipped and registered in the official breed registry APSL,  with all of their documents in order.