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If you are looking for the right Lusitano or if you want to sell your horse to the right person, LUSITANO HORSE SEARCH is the right agent for you. In our online Lusitano list you find easily and quickly a wide variety of leisure and sport horses of all ages and levels easily and quickly. Whether a well-trained dressage horse, a reliable WE horse, or even an excellent leisure Lusitano – our horse market offers horses of every level and discipline. Via our Lusitano list you do not only reach your perfect Lusitano across Portugal, but also abroad. The suitable Lusitano for you will be found guaranteed – easy and according to your needs.

If you would like to buy one or more horses, but the horse of your dreams is still not found, Lusitano Horse Search opens new possibilities. By sending us an e-mail or via our Facebook page you can create a search request, which we will inform you about the latest offered horses matching your criteria or you can browse through the listed Lusitano horses on our website. As a premier Lusitano agent we offer the appropriate horse: from breeding, leisure to competing.

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