What our clients say about us

“Michelle Rosa Santos was a great help in finding my dream horse. A very respectable and dear contact person from the Lusitano Horse Search Team, who was kind enough to pick us up from the airport, take us to our hotel and drive us around the country.

I was shown wonderful Lusitano horses at very reasonable prices. I would not hesitate in going back to Michelle to look for another dream Lusitano.

The paperwork involved was done efficiently and promptly. My horse was vaccinated in Portugal and regularly dewormed, as well hooves groomed – everything was done to assure his well-being, something you don’t always find when buying a horse. And for me the most important factor – the horse has a great character. We have now started some serious riding. I am totally happy!!

I would certainly recommend Michelle at LHS to anyone looking for a Lusitano horse.

Keep it up, Michelle!”

19th December 2017. 

Sandra - Germany

“About a year ago I was looking for a Lusitano horse and met Michelle Rosa Santos. She was a great help in finding my dream horse. Picking me up from my hotel and driving me to all these wonderful horses. On my first visit to Portugal she already knew exactly what I was looking for. And on my second visit we found him.

The vet-check, vaccination, deworming and paperwork were arranged quickly and within 4 weeks my baby was in Holland.

Michelle found me a horse with an outstanding character, eager to learn. It’s a perfect match. We have started jumping a few weeks ago. He’s a natural.

If you are looking for a Lusitano I would certainly recommend Michelle.

Rachel - The Netherlands

“Thank you so much Lusitano Horse Search!

A friend of mine was looking for a new horse and so we travelled to Portugal, where Michelle wanted to help us.

My former horse had died a couple of month earlier and I was not seriously searching for a new one at the very moment. Michelle, found the PERFECT ONE.

After a little bit of talking about myself and my desires, she presented me a wonderful young Lusitano stallion just in the same way as a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat…

She served as a translator between myself and the breeder and helped me arrange everything including the transport with a very professional carrier. I unreservedly recommend Michelle´s services!

From the first morning she picked us up from our hotel, during the whole day she drove to to various studs to see several horses, until my little grey one arrived in Austria it was a very friendly, professional and awesome service!”

January 2018

Angelika Forsthuber, Austria

“Thanks to Michelle Santos from LHS I found the Lusitano I was looking for.

The presented horses were excellent and made the choice quite difficult. None of them were available over the various internet platforms.

Plus I was comfortably collected from the airport and driven from appointment to appointment.
This is the 6th Lusitano and Alter Real horse I have bought from Portugal in more than 30 years and I recommended LHS to a friend and professional WE trainer, who promptly found a horse for a customer.”

Michelle organized transport and vet services within a short notice too. Altogether it was a most enjoyable experience.

February 2018

Johannes Holländer, Lusitano and Paso Iberoamericano breeder, Viena, Austria