The Lusitano Horse Search (LHS)

LHS team focuses on sales and marketing of quality Lusitano horses that meets the requirements of each client.

Lusitano Horse Search works closely with other sales agents and breeders networking in order to provide the best service to both the buyers and sellers who contact us.

By networking we are able to sell more horses and help buyers find horses that suit their needs. Additionally our guidance is carried out by an experienced team such as top veterinarians for vet exams and transport companies for their trip home.

The horses for sale are hand-picked for their temperament and ability from happy hackers to competing Lusitanos. We have years of experience in selling horses and can always search the horse you are looking for. Combined we have over 20 years’ experience of competing, training and producing competition horses of our own, and for others, allowing us to accumulate a comprehensive knowledge of competition and leisure horses, our main leading advisor Michelle Rosa Santos is a horse rider and trainer graduated at the military center in Mafra (CMEFED) experienced in competing both show jumping and Dressage and is currently a national Dressage judge aiming for FEI.

Through this experience and our exceptional eye for a horse, we have found many Lusitanos for happy owners!